Quick Facts

Carson’s credit card was born out of a partnership deal between Carson’s stores and Comenity Bank, a Comenity LLC subsidy. Carson’s stores are famous merchandisers dealing with a vast array of accessories and apparel fashion for men, women, and children.

The Card’s Pros and Cons


  • The card does not charge an annual fee.
  • Allows you to combine your Card Rewards to Save more.
  • You get to earn a point for every $ 1 spent with the card.
  • When shopping for foreign products, the card does not charge a foreign transaction fee.
  • You can apply for the card with a fair card score.


  • The card charges a high penalty fee of $38 for late payment and $38 for Returned Payment.
  • The card does not have a Cash Back privilege.
  • No email or phone payment information is provided to the public unless you sign up for the online account services.

Comparison of Carson’s Credit Card to other Cards

Menards BIG Credit Card

Menards Big Credit Card is an invention of Menards, a leading store for home improvement. The card enables Menards loyal customers to shop efficiently and earn more rewards from their purchase. Below are some of Menard’s Big Credit Card comparisons to Carson’s.

Rewards: Menard’s offers a $10 rebate for the first $ 100 spent on the card. Further, you earn a 2% rebate on purchases and a 1% rebate on purchases at stores such as Speedway and Kwik Star®. Carson Credit Cards offer a $ 20 reward for the first $ 200 spent on the card. Further, you can use $20 on almost any purchase of $50 or more. The card is accepted in stores such as Boston Store, Elder-Beerman, and Herberger’s.

Carson’s Card allows you to double your rewards by spending $200 to earn $20 rebates when purchasing online or in-store within a month. Menard’s issue rebates quarterly in the form of merchandise certificates with a minimum of $5, valid only at Menards stores.

Sam’s Credit Card

The card is issued b Synchrony Bank to Sam’s Club members with a less than stellar credit score.

Usage: The card is only applicable at Sam’s Club and Walmart stores, unlike Carson’s varied use in multiple stores.

Rewards: Sam’s Cards does not offer any rewards on purchases, unlike Carson’s Credit Card with many rewards.

Carson’s Credit Card: Basics

This is a multipurpose card that allows shopping and settling of bills at Carson’s stores and at their sister stores, which are Bon-Ton subsidiary stores. Moreover, the card will enable you to make vast savings by making purchases on merchandise offered in the stores, depending on how much you spend.

Sign up Bonus

Carson’s Credit card offers $20 for the first $200 spent on the card. The $20 can be used on purchases of $50 or more.


  • By using the credit card, you earn up to $20 rewards for the first $200 spent on the card, and the rewards are applicable in buys of $50 or more.
  • Every $1 spent earns you 1 point, and the points do not expire. However, you need to be making purchases with your card yearly.
  • Birthday celebration benefit with special day notifications.
  • Attaining 500 points gives the privilege of any day shopping pass with a 15% or 20% discount. However, this depends on the product and its availability within 60 days.
  • You automatically qualify to receive the Elite Credit Card upon making purchases of over $1500, which also earns you 1500 points.


The card’s APR rate is 25.99%.

Foreign Transaction Fee

The card does not charge foreign transaction fees.

Balance Transfer Fees

The card charges interest on transactions and fees or interest from the first day added to the daily balance, added to the periodical balance until the credit is settled in full.

Computation of Interest, Fees, and Charges

Computation of Interests

Step 1: Get Daily Periodic Rate= APR/365


Step 2: Get Partial Daily Balance= (Daily Account Balance – Payments of the day)+ New Transactions + Debit Adjustments

N/B: Daily balance is inclusive of unpaid interests, charges, and fees. The net credit balance is treated as a zero balance on the payments of the day.

Step 3: Get the Daily Interest Charge = Partial Daily Balance * Daily Periodic Rate

Step 4: Get the Daily Balance = Daily Partial Balance + Daily Interest Charge.

N/B: This will be the Credit Brought forward or the Next Day’s Opening Balance. This also results in the daily compounding of interest charges.

Step 5: Get the Total Interest Charges = Daily Interest Charges + Adjustments Made.

N/B This step is done at the end of each period.

Step 6: Get the Statement Balance = (Summation of Daily Balances)/ Total Number of Days.

Computation of Charges

Charges vary, thus the use of an Index. The Index is the Standard U.S Prime Rate published in the Wall Street Journal under the Money Rates section on the calendar month’s closing business day preceding the month in which the billing period began. Notably, any APR variation will change on the billing period’s first day after the Index’s increase. This also directly affects the amount of interest and the total minimum payment.

Places you can Ise Carson’s Credit Card

  • All of Carson’s stores and online shopping platform
  • Bon-Ton Store
  • Boston Store
  • Elder-Beerman Stores Corp.
  • G. R. Herberger, Inc.
  • Younkers Inc.

Carson’s Credit Card: Is it Worth it?

Carson’s Credit Card is a game-changer in the industry. Their rebate schemes are unmatched with other credit cards. Moreover, their offer of Elite Credit Card appeals fantastically to high-end shoppers, thus enabling them to save more, especially when shopping for goods of ostentation.

Why you Might Want the Carson’s Credit Card

You may want the credit card due to its versatility and its rebates. Moreover, they do not charge foreign transaction fees, allowing you to shop locally and internationally.

Is Carson’s Credit Card Right for You?

Carson’s credit card is ideal for goods of ostentation. However, I would consider getting the card due to its versatility and fantastic rebate schemes. However, considering the APR and other fees, I would refrain from using the card or shift to other payment avenues. Hopefully, the above Carson’s Credit Card Review will be beneficial when scouting for the most ideal credit card.