Bealls Credit Card Review

Finding a reliable credit card is a difficult task facing millions of Americans every year. Although there have never been more options to choose from, many credit cards fail to live up to the massive media campaigns commonly associated with them. While major credit card brands such as Discover, Capital One, and American Express have gained a large market share of credit services, store credit cards have begun to grow in popularity. The credit card offered by Bealls, Inc. a large retail chain headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, provides customers with an alternative credit card option for financing a diverse array of products.

Brief Overview

Quick Facts

  • The Bealls credit card is a store/retailer credit card.
  • It is issued by Comenity Bank, which currently provides more than 160 credit cards through its financial services.
  • Technically, Bealls, Inc. offers 2 separate credit cards, one for each of its 2 different divisions, Bealls Florida and Bealls Outlet.
  • Both credit cards offer the same basic perks and options, with a few variations mainly centering around the specialty benefits of the cards.
  • The Bealls Outlet credit card offers 15% off an entire purchase one day a week, Monday for those 50 and over, and Friday for those under the age of 50.
  • The Bealls Florida credit card offers 20% off first day purchases made with new cardholders and allows members to earn Gold status by spending more than $500 in a year, a perk that provides free standard shipping on all BeallsFlorida.com purchases.
  • It is very easy to get approved for both Bealls credit cards, even with below-average credit.

Pros & Cons


  • Can get approved with below-average credit
  • No annual fees
  • Rewards programs are better than most other store/retailer credit cards
  • Card rewards program can be paired with the Coast2Coast non-cardholder rewards program to increase savings
  • 5% cashback bonus rate
  • 25-day interest-free period
  • Online account management
  • Both cards can be used interchangeably at either division of Bealls Inc., Bealls Outlet and Bealls Florida


  • High APR rate
  • No balance transfers
  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Unable to be used apart from a Bealls store location or online site

Compared to Other Cards

APR Interest Rates

Both credit cards offered by Bealls have a very high APR interest rate, 28.49%, far surpassing the APR interest rates of standard credit cards like Discover, Capital One, and American Express. However, the high APR interest rate implemented by the Bealls credit cards is a common trait of store/retailer credit cards. As can be seen below, the 28.49% APR interest rate is about average compared to most other store/retailer credit cards.

  • Smile Generation Credit Card – 29.24%
  • Catherine’s Credit Card – 28.99%
  • Gordmans Credit Card – 29.24%
  • Woman Within Platinum Credit Card – 29.24%
  • The Stage Store Credit Card – 29.24%
  • Chadwick’s of Boston Credit Card – 26.99%
  • Hot Topic Guest List Credit Card – 27.29%
  • Lane Bryant Credit Card – 29.24%
  • Express Next Credit Card – 29.24%
  • Anne Geddes Visa Card – 26.74%
  • Venus Credit Card – 27.24%

Cashback/Rewards/Promotional Offers

The Bealls credit cards compare very favorably to other store/retailer credit cards and mainstream credit cards in their cashback, rewards, and promotional programs. The 5% cashback bonus is one of the highest rates in the credit card industry, far outpacing some of the biggest credit card brands in the country. The one-time 20% discount off of first-day purchases for new customers of the Bealls Florida credit card is a deal almost unheard of in the credit card industry, while the one-day-a-week 15% discount off of purchases for the Bealls Outlet credit card is incredible as well.

Full Review

Basic Information

Card Type: Store/Retailer card

Sign-up Bonus: N/A

Rewards: 5% cashback bonus, 20% first-day discount for Bealls Florida card, and 15% one-day-a-week discount with the Bealls Outlet card. Credit card rewards can be paired with non-cardholder rewards for extra savings.

APR: 28.49%

Foreign Transaction Fee: N/A

Balance Transfer Fee: N/A

Extras: Both cards can be used interchangeably at either division of Bealls Inc., at any Bealls Florida and Bealls Outlet location or online site.

Calculate It

Where can I use my Bealls credit card?

Both credit cards offered by Bealls, Inc. can be used interchangeably at either division of Bealls, Inc., either at a store location or online. They cannot be used outside of Bealls, Inc. at any other establishment.

Bealls Credit Card: Is it worth it?

The outstanding rewards and promotional offers offered by both Bealls credit cards make them an ideal option for customers. Although the very high APR rate is concerning, it is not uncommon in the store/retailer credit card industry, and customers must balance the risks of accruing large interest payments along with the potential savings from rewards.

Why you might want the Bealls Credit Card

Although Bealls does not have the wide selection of product lines like other retail giants such as Wal-Mart and Target, they still possess an impressive array of product lines in toys, apparel, and bed/bath. Customers who consistently find themselves in the market for these types of products should strongly consider getting either or both of the Bealls credit cards. The flexibility and interchangeability of the rewards programs offered by Bealls, Inc. are a refreshing difference from many other credit cards, whose regulations and red tape often stifle any real savings.

Why you might want a different card

Customers who plan on carrying over a credit card balance from month to month should avoid the Bealls credits cards, or any other store/retailer credit cards because of the exorbitant APR rates. As enticing as the rewards programs may be, the monthly interest payments will quickly outpace any savings offered by the card and will make the card a severe burden to maintain. Also, customer service for store/retailer credit cards is usually below average at best, so customers shouldn’t expect to receive much help in dealing with the complications and inconsistencies that often arise out of dealing with credit card debt.

Is the Bealls Credit Card right for you?

The credit cards offered by Bealls, Inc. are a perfect option for customers who are looking to take advantage of lucrative rewards programs and plan to pay off their credit card balance in full every month. Consumers who find themselves in constant need of toys, apparel, and bed/bath products can save more money through the Bealls credit card and associated rewards programs, making them even more cost-effective than some of the biggest retail giants in the country like Wal-Mart and Target. As always, customers should read all the fine print contained in the terms and conditions of any credit card that they decide to sign up for.