Burlington Credit Card Review

by | Jun 18, 2021

Many stores offer co-branded credit cards. You can easily use such credit cards to shop from those stores and get great incentives.

Burlington also offers such a credit card.

The question, however, is, is Burlington credit card a good option?

We will today share with you our Burlington credit card review. Once you go through the review, it will become easier to decide whether this card is worth getting or not.

Burlington Credit Card Review:

Comenity Bank offers Burlington cards along with co-branding of Burlington coat factory.

The card is suitable for individuals who buy a lot from Burlington. The good news is that Burlington these days offers you online merchandise as well. If you want to buy apparel, shoes, and so on online, you can also use this card.

Now that you are aware of who is behind Burlington credit card, it is time to look at its features.


There are quite a few features that make the Burlington cards such a good choice. We will go into the details of these features below.

1. Reward program on offer:

One of the main advantages of the Burlington credit card is its reward program. When you spend on the Burlington coat factory stores, you will receive 1 point for every $ 1. It means that you will be able to maximize the value of your spending if you’re using this card.

It is one of the main highlights of this card.

2. Early access deal alerts:

You can benefit immensely if you shop from Burlington stores using this card. For example, you can get early access to various deals and offers as well.

It means that there is no risk of the merchandise going out of stock before you buy it.

3. Receipt free returns:

If you are the owner of this card, you can easily return your merchandise or the items which you have shopped without receipt. There is an extended return policy for Burlington card owners as well.

4. Easy to manage card online:

Normally, it is not easy to keep a track record of your statements and bills when using a credit card.

However, the advantage of the Burlington card is that it allows you to manage the card online. It means that you can certainly do so online whether you want to keep track of expenses or the card bill.

5. No annual fee:

There is no disadvantage of owning a Burlington credit card. The reason for the same is that you will not have to worry about paying any kind of annual fee.

It means that even if you use it sparingly, it will become easy for you to own such a card since you do not have to pay anything extra for it.

6. Easy to pay:

With the help of its official website, you can notice the amount you have spent and make the payment as well. Since you can make the payment online, you will not have to worry about going through an elaborate procedure to pay your bills.

7. Simple qualification criteria:

The qualification criteria for Burlington credit card is pretty simple as well. The qualification criteria states that:

• You should be of legal age as per the laws of the territory or the state in which you are living.

• You should have a tax identification number issued by the government.

• You should have a proper postal address where the company can mail you the documents and the card.

• You should have a photo ID which is issued by the government as well.

As long as you can meet these criteria, you can apply and get it as well.

With these features, it makes sense to go with this card if you shop in their stores a lot.

How to apply for Burlington Credit Card?

Burlington credit card is easy to apply to as well. I will share with you two alternate methods with the help of which you can apply for the card.

Method 1:

You can visit the Burlington stores to apply for a credit card. Every store has a form through which you can easily apply for the card.

Method 2:

You can also apply for this card by visiting the website https://d.comenity.net/ac/burlington/public/home

Once you complete the application on this website, it will become easier for you to get approved.

Thus, the method which you use for applying for the card remains up to you.

We will now answer some FAQs related to this card.


Does Burlington have credit cards?

Yes, Burlington does indeed have credit cards. With the help of our guide above, you can apply for it.

Is it easy to get a Burlington credit card?

The qualification criteria for this card is pretty liberal. That is why getting a Burlington credit card is certainly very easy.

What bank does Burlington credit card use?

Comenity Bank is the bank being used by Burlington coat stores. It is certainly a reliable bank. That is why, when going with this card, you have nothing to worry about.

How can I apply for a Burlington credit card?

You can apply for a Burlington credit card by visiting the Burlington stores. Not only that, you can apply for this card online as well. We have covered how to apply for it online above.

How do you redeem Burlington rewards?

There are numerous ways in which you can redeem the rewards. You can do so with the help of cash, Paypal. If you want to do it online, you can enter the rewards code on the website. Once you do so, you can redeem the reward points.

Final verdict:

So, if you shop at Burlington a lot, it makes perfect sense to opt for the Burlington credit card. With the rewards you get and the advance alerts, you can certainly enjoy many perks and save money in the process.

Not only that, the multiple redeeming methods ensure that it is easy for you to take advantage of the rewards as well.

Thus, if you’re in 2 minds regarding the Burlington credit card, we will recommend you to go for it.