David's Bridal Credit Card
David’s Bridal Credit Card

Finding an effective credit card is a challenging endeavor for many consumers throughout the United States every year. While there have never been more options available, many credit cards fail to meet the needs of their customers, saddling them with fees and regulations that hamper purchasing power. While many of the traditional credit card giants such as Discover, Americans Express, and Capital One have garnered much of the market share in credit services, other credit options are starting to become more prevalent. Retail companies are beginning to issue credit cards in partnership with major financial institutions. The credit card issued by David’s Bridal in conjunction with Comenity Bank has recently gained widespread attention as a fast emerging retail credit option for wedding planners and participants alike.

Benefits of a David’s Bridal Credit Card

As with many other credit cards available on the market, the David’s Bridal credit card has no annual fees or maintenance costs. Another advantage of the card is that there is interest-free financing for the first 6 months of the card, as long as the account holder continues to make the required monthly minimum payments. With the average cost of a wedding approaching nearly $30,000 in the United States, many individuals find the initial 6-month interest free period vital toward being able to afford their wedding. While the card does not offer any specific rewards programs or customer loyalty bonuses, it does offer special promotional offers exclusive to cardholders. Perhaps the biggest advantage of owning the David’s Bridal credit card is that the latest fashion trends are released to cardholders before the general public, making this card an ideal option for wedding planners and other wedding service companies. Brides could also use this feature to their advantage by signing up for the card far in advance of their wedding if they haven’t found their wedding apparel yet, potentially allowing them to utilize the very latest fashion available on the market. Finally, David’s Bridal provides its cardholders with a very efficient website for managing their account. After creating an account, customers can log in to see their current balance and pay their monthly bill, a process that makes it much easier to keep track of the time remaining on the initial 6-month interest-free period. While a customer has the option to pay their bill over the phone or through the mail, the online option is by far the easiest and most convenient method of payment. As with many websites, it also includes a “Remember Me” option to bypass the tedious process of constantly entering a user name and password.

Approval Requirements and the Application Process

The approval requirements for the David’s Bridal card are not much different from most other credit cards. Generally, as long as a customer has a credit score of at least 650, a below-average rating by most standards, they will get approved. Individuals with ratings as low as 620 have also been approved. The application process for David’s Bridal card is very simple and can be completed online. Customers should simply navigate to the finance section of the website and then click on the “Apply Now” button under the David’s Bridal credit card section. The customer will then be presented with the terms and conditions of the credit card before they can proceed with the application. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the customer will need to fill out personal and contact information including name, social security number, date of birth, and annual income. They must then click acknowledge that they are an authorized buyer of the account, and may also add other buyers to the account if necessary. Once this process is completed, the applicant must click the “Continue” button to get the results of the application, which will usually appear right away.

What Others Say About the David’s Bridal Credit Card

The David’s Bridal credit card garnered mixed reviews from its customers. Most of the positive reviews centered around the huge benefits of the initial 6-month interest-free period to pay off the credit card balance. As long as the payment was paid off during this timeframe, the card was generally a good experience. However, one of the positive reviews of the card noted that while the card was very beneficial during the first six months, it didn’t have much value after this period due to the massive interest rates. Also, the consensus seemed to be that the only way this card was beneficial is if it was used responsibly over the first six months, and then discontinued. It is very important to note that the interest for the first 6 months is deferred not eliminated and that the APR financing rate is a hefty 28.99%. These two factors astronomically increase payments after the 6-month interest-free period and made the card a terrible experience for customers who didn’t pay off their balance after 6 months. Other individuals mentioned problems with severe drops in their credit score without a valid reason, and credit limits for the card being altered without their knowledge. Finally, it was also noted in a review that it was vital to be familiar with the credit terms of the David’s Bridal credit card and to never rely on the input from the employees of David’s Bridal, many of whom had little accurate knowledge of the card and its terms.


How Do You Get a David’s Bridal Credit Card?

First, you must be a customer with a credit rating of at least 620, a U.S. citizen, and over 18 years old. Second, you must either visit a David’s Bridal store and fill out an application or fill out the same application online on the David’s Bridal website.

Are There Any Annual Maintenance Fees Associated with the Card?


What Is the Interest Rate of the Card?

There is a 28.99% APR interest rate on monthly payments.

Are There Any Rewards or Customer Loyalty Programs?

No. However, card owners do receive promotional offers and are informed of the latest fashion trends before the general public.

How Can a Customer Pay and Manage Their Monthly Balance?

The most convenient way for customers to pay and manage their monthly balance is through David’s Bridal’s convenient online site. Payments can also be made over the phone and through the mail.