Hot Topic Credit Card FAQ

by | May 12, 2021


Hot Topic is a retail apparel and accessories company founded back in 1988. This firm primarily deals with fashion and licensed merchandise and rock-inspired clothing lines. You can shop at Hot Topic from anywhere in the world as they provide international shipping.

When it comes to payment options, this retail company allows several payment options that include Apple pay, gift cards, Klarna, Paypal, Venmo, cash (for physical store purchases only), and Hot Topic Guest List credit cards.

Does Hot Topic have credit cards?

The short answer is yes. This clothing retail company offers the Hot Topic Credit Card whose accounts are under the Comenity Bank. The Comenity Bank is a renowned financial institution that offers numerous branded retail credit cards. It is also a popular banking option because it provides a competitive yield when you open a savings account.

The Hot Topic Guest List Credit Card has a black base color and white artistically crafted inscriptions that state the card’s name. The account number also appears at the bottom of the card.

Benefits of the Hot Topic Guest List Credit Card

The Hot Topic retail firm widely encourages its customers to procure this credit card as it comes with many benefits. Here are the advantages offered by the Hot Topic Credit Card.

  1. You will receive a 15% discount on your first purchase.
  2. Every time you spend $1, you will earn a loyalty point. Once you attain 100 points, you automatically qualify for a $5 reward.
  3. Using this credit card will give you exclusive shopping events and early access to discounted sales.
  4. You will also have easy management of your online account and get special birthday offers.

Once you attain 500 loyalty points, your credit card account will get an upgrade to VIP status and enjoy the following additional benefits.

  1. Every time you spend $1, you’ll earn 1.25 loyalty points.
  2. The fees for standard shipping will always be $2.
  3. You will get exclusive access to VIP customer care.

If you wish to learn what the Hot Topic Loyalty program offers, kindly check out the full Terms and Conditions of the company’s official website.

Is it hard to get a hot topic credit card?

Acquiring this credit card is a relatively straightforward procedure. The application approval process occurs almost immediately after registration, and the credit card will arrive via mail after a few weeks. Here is a guide on the application procedure if you wish to acquire a Hot Topic Guest List card.

  1. Start by visiting the official Comenity website and use the search function to find “Hot Topic.” The search query should bring one result on credit card accounts. Click on the link under Hot Topic Credit Card, and the browser will take you to the registration webpage.
  1. Click on “Apply,” and you will receive the registration form. Kindly begin by analyzing and understanding the set Terms and conditions before registering.
  1. Next, you will need to provide accurate and truthful information on your names, social security number, annual income, physical address, mobile phone, and email. If you wish to add an authorized buyer, you can add them and provide their personal and contact details.
  1. Click on the “Continue” option, and you will receive several other queries such as credit score questions. After providing the required information, submit the data. The website will redirect you to a webpage that indicates whether your Hot Topic Guest List Card application is successful or not.

What credit score is needed for a Hot Topic card?

Like other credit card applications, the Hot Topic card registration process requires you to submit a credit score. Financial institutions use your credit score to calculate and estimate the probability of whether you are capable of repaying your credit card charges.

Store-branded credit cards typically have a lower credit score requirement than bank-branded credit cards. However, store-branded cards tend to have a higher annual percentage rate. To be eligible for the Hot Topic card, you must have a fair credit score that should ideally be above 630. You can always verify your credit score online before applying for this credit card to know if you need to raise it before filling the registration form.

Repaying your credit card dues on time and improving your credit score can help increase your Hot Topic credit limit, meaning you can shop more and earn more points. However, if your credit score drops significantly, Comenity Bank may lower your credit card limit. Once your credit score improves, you will qualify for a credit card limit increase.

Where can you use a Hot Topic Credit Card?

You can only use this credit card at Hot Topic stores and on their online shopping website. Although you cannot use the credit card anywhere else, you will reap massive benefits if you are a regular Hot Topic customer.

How do you pay for the Hot Topic credit card?

You should make Hot Topic card payments before or on the due day (by 6.00 pm). Failing to do so will attract a late payment fee and may lower your retail credit card limit. When paying for your Hot Topic card, you can use bank and online payment. However, you cannot pay online using a debit card. If your Hot Topic account is in good standing, you can apply for a due date change under your account’s “My Profile” section.

How do you confirm a Hot Topic Gift Card’s balance?

Apart from getting a credit card, you can also opt for Hot Topic gift cards. Such gift cards are available in physical and digital forms. If you want to check your gift card’s balance, kindly go to Hot Topic’s Gift card webpage and paste your gift card number to see its available balance. Finally, if you live in California, you can redeem Hot Topic gift card balances under $10 for real cash.


The Hot Topic Guest List credit card is an excellent credit option you can procure and use when shopping at this company’s physical and online stores. It offers numerous benefits and has a 24.99% annual percentage rate, which is relatively reasonable.