Palais Royal Credit Card is among the leading popular and frequently used credit cards issued by Comenity Bank. It has an online credit card option that eases shopping for most users. With this Palais Royal Credit Card Review, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the rates, benefits, rewards, bonuses, card types, and other essential information on the acquisition of this credit card.

The Pros and Cons of having a Palais Royal Credit Card

Having a Palais Royal Credit Card comes with various advantages and disadvantages. However, the merits far outweigh the drawbacks. Some of the strengths of obtaining this card include;

1. It doesn’t have an introductory APR

2. It lacks an annual fee

3. Offers additional discounts on holidays and birthdays

4. It lacks an advance Rate fee on its APR

5. It has lower credit requirements

6. It has a cashback option (five percent)

7. Foreign transaction fee is not applied.

8. The credit card has a visually appealing design and contains a collage of beautiful colors.

Although the Palais Royal has numerous appealing features, it has a few drawbacks, which include.

1. Its discounts are limited.

2. Its credit score requirements are a bit higher.

3. You can only change payment due days once a year, and this is only possible if your account has a good standing credit score.

4. It doesn’t accept debit cards for online payments.

The Sign-up bonuses, benefits, and rewards of having a Palais Royal credit card

The benefits of having this credit card are diverse and worthwhile. Some of these benefits include:

1. You can pay your bills online

2. You’ll be able to view your past statements

3. You’ll have the liberty to update any personal information you want.

4. It is fast and convenient because of its online 24/7 accessibility.

Besides the above benefits, there are several rewards and sign-up bonuses you’ll get to enjoy for obtaining a Palais Royal Credit Card.

The sign-up bonuses include a $5 off welcoming coupon and a 15% discount on all the merchandise you purchase for the first time.

This Credit Card Review has summarized the various rewards you’ll get for using a Palais Royal Credit Card, and they include:

1. A reward of 2 points for every one dollar you spent using Palais Royal Credit Card.

2. When you gain a100 points, you’ll be rewarded with $5.

3. Birthday gifts, which differ depending on the card type; Platinum cardholders get $20 while preferred cardholders get $10.

4. Holiday offers, which are given to all members. Usually, you’ll be rewarded with a $10 discount coupon for purchases above $10.

5. You’ll also enjoy Christmas rewards, including a Fabulous 20% deduction and Club 40 offers, usually given every Tuesday.

Palais Royal’s APR and fees

In simple terms, APR refers to the amount (in percentage) you’re supposed to pay annually for borrowing funds. A credit card’s APR differs from person to person depending on their loan terms, APR type, credit score, annual income, job history, and other factors.

Some of the common APR types associated with credit cards include;

1. Cash advance APR- it applies to every transaction where you withdraw cash in an ATM using your credit card.

2. Purchase APR- this will apply to every purchase you’ll make using your credit card.

3. Balance Transfer APR- this type of APR is applicable when transferring balances from other credit cards to your existing Palais Royal account.

The regular Palais Royal’s APR is 28.74 %( V). This credit card doesn’t charge a purchase introductory APR. Other charges that don’t apply to this Credit Card include balance transfer, return payments, cash advances, foreign transactions, and cash advance rates.

Palais Royal doesn’t have a Smart Chip option, and it also doesn’t allow balance transfers. In case of late payment, you will incur a $38 fee.

If you wish to avoid late payment charges, it would be best to submit your payment by 6.00 pm on the expected due date. Submitting payments after this expected time will force you to incur additional charges, which may be expensive in the long term.

Where you can use your Palais Royal Credit Card

There are several options you can use when paying bills with your Palais Royal Credit Card. You can either pay online through their website or other bill payment services such as Prism. One of the payment forms you can use with this Credit Card is checking.

This card can only be used at a Comenity bank and any other place that accepts Visa or Master. To avoid any unnecessary fees and interests, you should be timely in paying balances and making payments.

You can use several options to pay bills using Palais Royal Credit Card, and they include online payments, mail orders, over the phone payments, or Comenity’s EasyPay option. This card no longer supports in-store payments.

Is Palais Royal Credit Card worth it?

In a few words, Yes, It is worth it. From this Credit Card Review, it’s evident that having a Palais Royal Credit Card is very practical and useful. With this card, you can transact and make purchases from any location and at any time.

In case you want to leave the US and you’re using this card, you don’t have to worry about any inconveniences or late payments. All you’ll have to do i-scheduling your payment 30 days ahead, call customer care for phone payment assistance. Afterward, you can set up automatic payments via your banking firm, use a third party residing in the US, or simply access your account online through US server VPN.

The benefits of using this Credit Card option are numerous and rewarding. You can make international transactions at zero costs and enjoy your money from anywhere in the globe.


Palais Royal Credit Card is a convenient and reliable option to get quick credit, especially if you are a US citizen. With this credit card, you can easily and quickly process payments such as bills, review your past monthly statements, and get convenient online access to funds whenever you need them.

If you are searching for a trustworthy, easy to use credit card option, it would be best to consider procuring the Palais royal credit. When you get this credit card, you will undoubtedly enjoy all the numerous benefits it has to offer.