The Trek Credit Card is a new way of financing your Trek gear. Trek is a bike shop that sells some of the top-quality bikes and accessories. Trek has created a credit card, so its patrons have an easy way of purchasing its cycling gear without breaking the bank. We will go into an in-depth credit card review of the Trek Credit Card and if this card is for you.

Quick Facts

Here’s a little tidbit on the Trek Credit Card that will give you some background:

  • Issued by Comenity Bank.
  • It can be used in 1,300+ Trek stores.
  • No annual rate.
  • A promotional rate of 9.99% APR for 24, 36, 48, or 60 months on purchases of $1,999 or more, then a variable purchase has an APR of 26.99%.
  • Special financing on purchases of at least $210 for 6 months and at least $420 for 12 months.

Pros & Cons

Trek Credit Card definitely has its ups and downs. Below are the pros and cons that are essential to know:


  • No annual fees.
  • Low APR at the beginning for purchases of $1,999 or more.
  • Deferred interest for 6 or 12 months on purchases of at least $210 or $420.
  • It can be used to purchase any items within the Trek stores.
  • Great way to build your credit score.


  • No rewards or cashback. No sign-up bonuses.
  • High APR after the promotional period is over.
  • You cannot use it for Trek’s online store.
  • Promotional plans are for a single transaction only, as opposed to multiple transactions.
  • Not a universal card you can use with other stores.

Compared to Other Cards

We’ll compare Trek Credit Cards to some of the best and some of the worst store credit cards out on the market.

Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard is one of the best on the market. You get quite a bit of cashback, ranging from 1%-5% cashback. It also has no annual fee, and you can use this card anywhere that will accept a Mastercard. Trek Credit Card, on the other hand, has no cashback or rewards. Like the Walmart card, though, it has no annual fee. One thing in common for Walmart and Trek cards is that they have a high APR of 26.99%.

The Big Lot Credit Card is one of the worst on the market. They have a high APR of 29.99%, and there are no cash rewards. Also, there are no sign-up bonuses or promotions. The Trek Credit Card doesn’t come quite as close to how bad Big Lots is. Although they have a high APR in common, Trek’s APR is not as high as Big Lots. Trek also has promotions, which can attract newcomers. One thing they do have in common is that they are both issued by Comenity Bank.


Trek Credit Card: Basics

Here’s a more straightforward list of everything you should know about the Trek Credit Card:

Card type: Not listed. It can only be used in Trek stores.

Sign-up bonus: None

Rewards: None

APR: 9.99% for the first 24, 36, 48, or 60 months on purchases of $1,999 or more. Then it increases to 26.99%

Foreign transaction fee: Not applicable

Balance transfer fee: Not allowed

Extras: Deferred interest for 6 or 12 months on purchases of at least $210 or $420, respectively.

Where can I use my Trek Credit Card?

You can use your Trek Credit Card in more than 1,300 Trek stores across the United States, which is great when you are a regular customer of Trek. One of the biggest downsides is that the Trek Credit Card can be used in-store only, so it cannot be used for the Trek online store. This is a big downer if you buy all of Trek’s merchandise from their online store.

Another downside of the Trek Credit Card is that you cannot use this credit card at any other stores. Because it is not a VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc., this can only be used within the Trek network.

Trek Credit Card: Is it worth it?

The Trek Credit Card isn’t worth dying over and a must-have. As you can tell from the pros and cons, this Trek Credit Card is in the average range compared to some of the best and worst store credit cards. But it definitely is worth having if you shop at Trek a lot and make big purchases.

Why you might want the Trek Credit Card

You would want the Trek Credit Card if you pay over $210 for each transaction and can meet the deadline paying in full to avoid the APR or high APR. As mentioned earlier, this card is great for the avid Trek customers that make larger purchases for each transaction and need to pay bit by bit.

Why you might want a different card

There are a few reasons you may want to get a different credit card. First of all, you may want to get a different card with a lower APR. Also, you may want a card with a sign-up bonus, cashback, or rewards. Or you might just want to sign up for a credit card that you can use anywhere and everywhere.

Is the Trek Credit Card right for you?

As mentioned before, the Trek Credit Card is good for those with specific needs. If you are a frequent shopper at Trek, then this credit card would be good for you. If you can pay off the card within the set time limit before the higher APR kicks in, that is also very beneficial.


Overall, the Trek Credit Card is not the greatest store credit card out on the market due to its lack of rewards, high APR, and limited eligibility with other stores. However, it is not one of the worst since their promotional plans can be beneficial for those who purchase a lot of gear from Trek and can pay the full amount in a designated amount of time. Get the Trek Credit Card if you feel like it is fit for you.