5 ways for disposing of a metal credit card

by | Jan 21, 2021

Metal credit cards always come with the luxury of special perks and the capability of high spending limits. They hold the status when it comes to the credit card issuing.

Banks and credit card issuers issue incredible metal cards with rewards that can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year. Credit card issuers understand that the good rewards count so does the feeling and weight of the card. More valuable cards come in hefty metal form.

Many card issuers are switching to metal credit cards, and disposing or getting rid of a metal card that you no longer require will not be as easy as reaching to a pair of scissors or running it through your home shredder.

If your card has expired, or you want to pause using it, and you are wondering of ways that you can use to destroy your metal credit card, here are a few options;

Return the card to the card issuer

Most banks and card issuers’ policies require the cardholder to send the expired card back to them when it expires. Some banks and card issuers like American Express will always provide you with a postage-paid envelope for you to mail your card back for appropriate disposal.

Most of these envelopes are sent to you when you open your account with your card issuer. By the time your card expires, most of these envelopes are nowhere to be found. Do not panic. You can always call your card issuer or bank and request another envelope.

Return it to a bank branch

If you are impatient and would rather not wait for the envelope to get to you by mail, or you would instead return the card in person, you can pop into your bank to destroy the credit card. Some banks like Chase Bank allow card members to bring back expired credit cards in their branches for proper disposal.

Due to different bank policies, it is always good practice to talk to a representative at your card issuer’s physical branch to get help with the best direction to destroy your metal credit card.

File it away for safekeeping

Technically, if you are not using your credit card anymore, you do not have to destroy it. If you get a new metal card and you do not want to ruin your old card, you might as well create a file or folder in the filing cabinet to be used as your metal card storage. A Ziploc plastic bag can also play the purpose of safekeeping in a drawer.

If you would instead pause from using your credit card, this is the best method to implement because it won’t hurt your credit score as closing an account. Remember, make sure to keep your card in a safe place where no one else can get your credit card information.

Destroy the metal card – Tin Snips

As stated before, your traditional kitchen and craft scissors won’t perform the task of destroying your metal credit card. Shredders won’t work either. Instead, it would be best if you got tin snips. Tin snips can be purchased at any hardware close to you.

Tin snips are designed to cut through sheets of metal and other tough materials, so they will do an excellent job destroying your metal credit card. Even though this method is the easiest. Do it yourself task, always be careful when using the tin snips.

Bottom line

Metal credit cards may be more complicated to destroy than plastic credit cards, but this does not mean that the process of destroying metal credit cards is impossible. The best and safest way is to always contact your bank or card issuer for proper disposal.

The number of your card issuer is always at the back of your credit card. Always call that number to request a prepaid envelope or when you require directions on the step by step of getting rid of your metal credit card.

Credit cards come with perks and great rewards. Remember to double-check your accounts for any unused bonuses before disposing off your metal credit card. These rewards can always come in handy when you want to part ways with your bank and card issuer, so always make sure to maximize the rewards before destroying your card.

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