In this blog, I will show you how to remove your credit card from your Amazon.com.


Log in with Amazon.com

remove credit card from amazon


Just click on Account Lists, and go to this Your Account.


Then tap on this under here right you can see this, Payment Options here.


Under Payment Options, you can see this, all credit cards, or typically have used and saved. It will be showing here.


So I’m just going to remove this ICIC Bank Credit Card and just click on this and make sure you want to revoke. Just click on Remove.


It will be asking the confirmation message, so I’m just going to and found remove now.

That’s it. I’m all set now. So my credit card has been removed from my Amazon.com.

So going to verify this in the payment options. It has been reboot perfectly.

So for that, you need to go to your account list. Click on this your account, and you will see these payment options. So that’s it. Thank you.